O'Mighty Cherokee


Our Poem

The plains are silent, they no longer roar
With thundering hooves that shook its core.
There's no smoke from the plateau to signal a friend
For they're all long gone, there's no message to send,
Except in the night when their spirits roam free
The valleys echo with a silent plea
To remember the buffalo, remember the wealth
When they were only hunted with arrow and stealth.
The Indian and pony rode as one
From tribe and herd warmed by the sun
Or in winter sheltered from the awesome cold,
Each seasons future was theirs to hold.
In the land of plenty where there was room for all
Young braves were proud and walked so tall,
To remember the teepees by tumbling water
And children rode bareback with rawhide halter
With the right to grow strong in their beautiful land
Where the eagle soars high searching mountain and sand,
'Justice they cry in the hush of the night'
Those ghosts of the past who lost their birthright.
With arms towards heaven, hand in the shy
Will they answer his question, the reason why?

Verse by Mary Lascelles

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