Fairies at Play


Our Poem

Near the brook Dawn sat down,
And watched the fairy with a crown.
'The Fairy Queen' said Molly Mouse,
'There she goes inside her house.'

Around Toadstool House the fairies sat,
Then on the scene came Bagpuss Cat.
'Oh dear squeaked Vole, 'I must go'
'No, no' said Rat, 'Don't you know'?

'Know what' squeaked Vole, breathing fast',
'The spell said Rat, 'the fairies cast'.
just then they all heard Bagpuss purr,
As she settled down to lick her fur.

'With the Fairy Queen we're safe from harm,
Watch the deer, they're all quite calm.
And the magic wand in her hand,
Can take us all to Fairy Land'.

'Look there's Glow-worm shining bright,
And every friend a dancing light'.
They weaved through grass and toadstool high,
The air was warm, the breeze a sigh.

Baby bunnies, Midge and Merry,
Peeped from the hedge with cousin ferry.
Then feeling brave they ventured out,
And with noses twitching looked about.

The meadow shone with moon and star,
And to reach the fairies, wasn't far.
So with white bobtails and ears a quiver,
They scampered down to the silver river.

Verse by Mary Lascelles

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