The Land of Snow


Our Poem

A breathless hush falls over the land,
Just trees rustling and sea lapping sand.
In part of God's world snow covers the ground,
In others dawn breaks with sun and bird sound.

Children asleep every colour and creed,
Dreaming of Santa, he'll tend every need.
Through cotton wool clouds he'll come on his sleigh,
He'll visit each child before the start of the day.

Jingling sleigh bells are heard in a dream,
Reindeer so red and ponies all cream,
Puppies to play with, a kitten to hold,
Moonbeams, enchantment, stories of old.

So long ago a boy child was born,
He came to bring love,
but his hands were war torn.
And in the hush of this night his children await,
For that gift of peace before it's too late.

Verse by Mary Lascelles

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