Side Saddle


Our Poem

You can light the chandeliers, make small talk as you dine,
Show coyness to a suitor as you sip a favourite wine.
You can have your carriage waiting to take you into town,
Or stroll along the boulevard in velvet, blue or brown.

But you'll never flavour the bouquet fresh with the morning dew,
Or taste the salt of seaspray from the ocean's cauldron brew.
You'll not feel the wind tug your hair upon the wild, wild moor,
Nor feel the hooves in rhythm on its cushioned tufted floor.

You can sip your tea of a summer's day on an emerald lawn at four,
As children play their games with fun and treats galore.
On the garden swing you'll sit and dream of things to do,
Of picnics in the meadow, of a love forever true.

But you'll never see the sunlight dance through the distant trees,
Or catch your finger in a mane tossed by a gentle breeze.
That whispers to you softly as you set off for a ride,
To find the secret places, a hound dog by your side.

Verse by Mary Lascelles

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