Little Foal and Badger


Our Poem

There was a tiny foal born at dawn,
As drops of dew bathed the lawn.
With tiny ears and tiny toes,
Dark round eyes and velvet nose.

Prancing, playing through the day,
Entrancing all that month of May.
Named now Dawn she came to call,
All fluffy brown, soft and small.

With Bobby Bunny she had such fun,
He skipped and hopped in the morning sun.
Through waving grass and buttercups bright
Herbie Hare hid from sight.

High on a branch sat Rebecca Rook,
Far and wide she would look.
She guarded the meadows with cousin Jack,
Their shiny feathers green and black.

If Harry Hawk swooped too low,
And Molly Mouse was just too slow.
The sky would fill with rooks so brave,
Mobbing Harry, to Molly save.

Dawn was soon by Smoky's side,
And Bobby down on a hole would hide.
Eyes peeped out from hedge and bank,
As Molly dived beneath a tank.

Through the night the new friends came,
Billy Badger slow and lame.
Left the wood with many chums,
Off in search of grubs and crumbs.

Verse by Mary Lascelles

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