Dawny and The Fairies


Our Poem

Then one night when the moon was round,
Owl sat still without a sound.
Dawn looked up into the sky,
To see petals floating way up high.

One by one they touched the grass,
Standing still she let them pass.
'The Fairy Queen' Bobby sighed,
'The Fairy Who' Dawn replied.

'The fairies come each full moon,
You'll see them dance very soon.
All around the toadstool ring,
Shhh! in a moment they will sing.

Dawn listened to what Bobby said,
Though feeling tired enough for bed.
Then Bobby went to have a look,
'Come on' he called, 'they're by the brook'!

Her tiny toes made little sound,
As quickly now she crossed the ground.
Excited too and wide awake,
The grass beneath an emerald lake.

As moonbeams danced and lit her way,
The meadows seemed as bright as day.
And gathered there from far and wide,
Were creatures sitting side by side.

Fox and rabbit, hare and deer,
Watched in awe, forgot their fear.
And tiny mice tried to sing,
As Owl flew by on silent wing.

Verse by Mary Lascelles

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