Dawn Snow Jinks


Our Poem

He lifted his head, ears alert for the sound
Of hooves impatiently pawing the ground
As the dawn broke with a chill in the air
And the lads in the yard set the beds fair.
His limbs were now stiff for the years had passed by
They would never again over the sticks soar and fly.
He stood by the gate his rug tightly furled,
His breath for a moment misty white as it curled.
Snorting a greeting as the string came into view
Some pranced, others bucked for an icy wind blew.
He tossed his head but they went on their way
He'd be back in his stable before they returned today
Where the straw was deep, rugs soft and warm,
The track just a memory where he'd weathered each storm

Verse by Mary Lascelles

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