Our Poem

Darting here, hurrying there.
People busy everywhere.
Some look cold, some worried.
Some just happy, never flurried.

Dazzling hats, blue, red and gold.
Brand new caps. trilbys old.
Barbours, macs, sheepskins too.
Camels, furs, many new.

Bookies, stewards, tipsters mang.
Certainties, are there any?
Tick Tack men, jellied eels.
They're off - Excitement each man feels.

Dancing horses, a glimpse of sun.
Jockeys colours, 'Has he won?'
Elegance, power, a raking stride.
'Come on 14'. A winner's pride.

Emerald turf, wind and rain.
Bets, dreams here are Iain.
Love, fear, all this brings.
But stay forever - Sport of kings.

Verse by Mary Lascelles

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