Our Poem

Tranquillity and timeless are the words that spring to mind.
The secret of the ocean is impossible to find.
But when you sit upon its timeless shore,
Your spirits soon drawn down to its very core.
"Peace" it calls with every rhythmic sigh,
As it laps the golden sand, before the tide is high.
"Be brave" it calls, stepping up its beat,
As it reclaims once more the shore, dried by summer heat.
You can close your eyes but it murmurs on at you,
Soothing a troubled mind, touching a soul that's blue.
"Come" it whispers on a moonlit night,
Stardust spread on dancing waves before the morning light
Listen to the rhythm that makes us dream and smile,
Its magic waits for all who come to stay awhile.

Verse by Mary Lascelles

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