Carriage Driving


Our Poem

Such beauty, such splendour with harness agleam
Down through the ages they've reigned supreme.
Chariots, Phaetons, to the small dog cart
Through the wars of Kings they've played their part
The magic, the pride as a team drives past,
The relief when the Stagecoach came at last.
Mane and forlock tossed in the air
As stride for stride an elegant pair
Charm us all at a county show
With knee bent high and pointed toe.
A shady lane on a hot summers day
The music of hooves going on their way,
The sight of a Cob with traces taut
Or the noble Shire in town or port.
Shetlands, ponies hackneys too
All have made our dreams
come true.

Verse by Mary Lascelles

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