Boxing Hares and Foals


Our Poem

Oh, precious foal, so very dear,
With tiny hoof and wee pricked ear.
Born in the meadow, where the skylark sings,
I dream now of what the future brings.

From behind your Mother you cautiously peep,
Then on stiff little legs you run and you leap.
There is so much to see in your pretty new world
As the beauty of nature to you is unfurled.

You stare in wonder as deer race by,
Stand rooted as a kestrel drops from the sley.
You watch the hare with her leverets play,
Wish the fox with her cubs would stay.

I watch you now heart filled with pride,
I'm dreaming of our very first ride.
We'll do it all together my friend,
The fun we'll have will never end.

Verse by Mary Lascelles

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